Loving the Lob!

Are you rocking the “lob” (a.k.a. long bob) this season?  A wide range of our favorite celebs – Emma Stone, Beyonce, Katie Holmes, and Rhianna (to name a few) –  are sporting this adorable shoulder-length look these days.  The lob can be worn sleek straight, in sweet, luscious curls, or in tousled bed-head waves, and […]

Which Blowdryer to Choose?

We would love for you to come to Shine for a daily blowout (you deserve it, right?), but we get it that sometimes you’re gonna need to blowdry at home.  So, is your home blowdryer up to the task?  Here are our suggestions for picking the right hair dryer when you want to dazzle at […]

Gorgeous updos for Prom!

The first hint of spring is in the air, which means that Prom season is upon us.  Have you decided which gorgeous hairstyle will make you dazzle this year?  We love updos and half-updos – check out our Pinterest boards for many fab looks – but a perennial favorite is the low chignon.  Somehow it […]

Hot Momma!

Are you protecting your hair from regular heat damage?  A daily heat protector, like Shine’s Hot Momma, is your best protection.  Hot Momma can be used with blowdryers, curling irons, flat irons, and any other hot styling tools.  To apply, spray all over hair or section by section before using heat-activated tools.  And – voila […]